Welcome/ مرحبا


Dubai’s original café – has been in the making since the mid 1800’s, against the backdrop of the Al Maktoum Dynasty, the Perpetual Maritime Truce and the thriving pearl-diving industry made Dubai a destination for traders of the subcontinent and Iran. This legacy of economic prosperity has continued to this day, creating a hotbed of flourishing trade and cultural exchange while bringing with it the gastronomic customs of those who pass through. SIKKA Café showcases the mélange of local, Indian and Persian cuisines, embracing flavours that Emiratis have appreciated for over 100 years. Crafted to complement our famous karak tea, the menu focuses on balanced combinations – with a hat-tip to the rich cultural history of Dubai.

SIKKA Café’s roots and aspirations are evident in its name; meaning alleyway in Arabic, the dining destination is Emirati yet eclectic in its inspiration. Set in tranquil enclaves within Dubai’s vibrant urban destinations, it brings together the diverse eras, aromas, flavours and customs that has defined the city in a streetscape that buzzes with energy and activity.